Tess Smith-Roberts
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Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
The brief was to create a fun and playful image to inspire people to "discover here" at One Avenue Shopping centre - whilst also thinking about how it could be used in many ways, on different objects, settings, posters etc.

How was the illustration used:
The illustration was used in One Avenue Shopping Centre in Shenzhen, China. Mainly used as a window display, but also on brochures, cards, umbrellas and tote bags. It was also used as advertising in the Shenzhen Metro. Please see my site for more photos! There are so many :-) (Including some of people dancing outside the window displays, copying the characters!)

How did you make this work:
Adobe Draw on the iPad, and Adobe Illustrator on my mac. Drew one long image of people dancing, and then we used it, changed it, cut it up etc for many many different uses in the shopping centre

Commissioner Name :
Ida Liu
Commissioner Company :
Kai Planning
Commissioned for:
One Avenue

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Kingston School of Art
Illustration Animation
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Currently Based:
United Kingdom

Tess Smith-Roberts is an Illustrator and printmaker based in London. She approaches her work with humour, bold shapes, and a playful use of colour. Tess’s practice has a strong foundation in printmaking, focusing on the techniques of Risograph and Silkscreen printing. She also enjoys making editorial illustrations for a variety of international clients.