Stevie Gee : Stevie Gee - Stella McCartney Kids packaging


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Stella McCartney’s team asked Stevie Gee to re-design the Stella Kids packaging range. They wanted a fun and interactive approach to the boxes where each side had either a different body part or face so that when stacked, they would create a multitude of brilliantly bizarre characters. There are three sets of boxes for boys, girls and babies. The team gave Stevie free-reign to create a mix of mons
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Stevie Gee: I drew them in my usual way, lots of hair, bright colours and silly stuff. I was keen they weren't all just happy and sunny vibes so theres a melting head, sad faced skateboarding skeleton, dopey eyes and angry mouths in there too. I drew all the linework in black ink and the colour was applied in photoshop using my own palette combined with some specific Stella brand pantones.

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