Self portrait - Botanical Garden


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Why did you make this work:
During my holiday trip to Tenerife last year, I've visited the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz. The construction of the pavilion and how the light came through was remarkable. I decided to do an self portrait illustration, to capture the beauty of the light, shadows and colors. I wanted to recreate the atmosphere for those, who haven't been there.

How was the illustration used:
For now it's a portfolio piece and for my own practice. In the long run, it will be part of my traveling zine "Puerto de la Cruz - 2019".

How did you make this work:
For this illustration, I first drew a sketch in Procreate. I also colored it and used different Layers. After that, I've exported it to Illustrator and vectorized and modified it. Last step was to import the illustration to Photoshop in order to add textures to simulate the light rays.

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Soe is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer working and living in Frankfurt am Main. She studied communication design at University Of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt and has been on an exchange program to Kyushu University in Japan. Her work has been regularly exhibited in a number of locations throughout Germany since 2003 and she has also seen the print publication of her manga artwork. Currently she is exploring the world of digital illustrations and developing her own style.