Sija Hong

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
I am a chinese illustrator based New York City. I received an illustration programme MFA from the Syracuse University in 2018. I am a member of the Society of Illustrators. My scope of work includes advertising, magazines, books, book covers, games, murals, commodities, apps and product packaging.

How was the illustration used:
Picture Book

How did you make this work:
This piece was inspired by a famous Chinese novel collection Taipingguangi. It belongs to my personal picture book Taiping which will be published this year. Normally the media I used on this project were traditional brushes, ink and Adobe Photoshop.

Commissioner Company :
self initiated

Agent Website:

East meets West in an eye-catching fusion of colour, imagination and traditional-style brushwork with each painting Sija Hong creates, her work makes a great first impression but then calls on viewers to take a closer look at its incredible creatures, bright patterns and finer details. Born in Changsha, Central China, Sija is now based in Brooklyn and takes inspiration from her Asian culture and the vibrant city environment she inhabits. Fantasy and social issues both play strong roles in her creativity. Sija studied fashion design and has a Masters degree in Fine Art from Syracuse University in New York.