Serge Bloch

Serge Bloch is a French illustrator, born June 18th, 1956 in Colmar (France).
He is an internationally published illustrator and author of many books that have been translated into various languages. Serge is an editorial illustrator in the US: Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, NY Times (and Magazine), Time magazine, New York Magazine, Boston Globe, GQ, Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg, Oxford University Press (He did all covers for a very popular series of 7 Deadly Sins for this publication), Scholastic, National Geographic Magazine, Selling Power, Ecologist Magazine in England, and in France: Liberation, Psychologies, La Vie…

His contribution to the world of communication has been constant since he created his own communication agency. In this field he has worked with prestigious firms such as Hermes, Coca-Cola, RATP (Paris Mass Transportation), Publicis (Paris). The French Telecommunication Agency, La Poste issued in Autumn 2010 stamps that Serge created.

Serge did shows of original art in NYC, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo. He has won two gold medals from the Society of Illustrators, 47th Annual Exhibition, 2005 and 57th in 2015, the "baobab", best children books of the year in France, 2006, and the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2015…

Because he enjoys it immensely he tries to do humorous work.

He is sharing his time between NYC and Paris… and his blog

Serge judged the Books category for the WIA2015 Awards.