Soomyeong Kim


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Illustrations in a visual essay book, called ''. The publication consisted of 72 body pages, with 23 spread-cut illustrations, 3 small-cut illustrations, short text and interval pages.

Process: A graphite pencil drawing scanned into a digital file. Contrast and shade adjusted using Photoshop. Light texture of drawing paper apply in case of using on online site.

Materials: Many kind of graphite, pencil and black colored pencil on recycled paper or green certificated paper.

Formats: Original illustration sheets of paper, printed illustrations with a frame, digital files and published books.

Brief Requirements: '' on the theme of repetition and continuity of today debuted in May 2016 at an illustrator group exhibition through 10 illustrations. In November of the same year, I self-published and participated in the Seoul Art Book Fair (UE8). Currently, '' is on sale at select book stores regionally. In January, 2017 also, this work shown at the 1st Free_Play_Press exhibition through original illustrations and the book.

Key Brief Ideas: The key ideas for this work is the ‘repetition’ and ‘continuity’ of ‘today’. Today becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow becomes today. Time is continuously passing by, but it's inevitable that we can only live in the present. Every single day that we live is a rehearsal for tomorrow. Every day, we construct and destruct the stage that we call life. Sometimes we act as the main characters; sometimes we're just playing a supporting role. Each short story intersects and interleaves with the next, forming a continuous, but new story each time. I illustrate the unstoppable passage of time, contrasting with the stillness of time; the intersection of spaces, followed by the separation of spaces; the times when the end is really just the beginning; and how the most mundane scenes can become the most dramatic of scenes.