Kristyna Litten
Norton and Alpha

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Children's picture book, cover and inside illustrations

Process: Mixed media, combining watercolour paint, collaged elements and pencil crayon

Materials: Artworks created with a mix of paint, collage, pencil crayon. Painted papers, watercolour and pencil crayon where used throughout to create texture, and contrast between background and foreground.

Formats: Artwork was painted and applied onto large sheets of watercolour paper, upscaled and in proportion to the final picture book

Brief Requirements: Create a 32 page children's picture book illustrating a story about making friends, appreciating the wonder of nature, and seeing that sometimes there is more to life than it might seem.

Key Brief Ideas: The story explores the themes through it's two lead characters, Norton the Robot and his pet robot dog Alpha. They collect battered wheels, rusty cogs , broken springs making amazing inventions from their finds. One day they discover an intriguing thing, an 'it' or lone flower and set about trying to care for it, with amusing and ultimately poignant results. It was important to create a contrast between the limited colour of Norton's recycled world with the abundance of colour created by the 'it'.

Commissioned For: 32 page children's picture book

Commissioner Company: Simon and Schuster

Agent: Arena Illustration

Agent Website: