Nick Moffatt
Classic Beat Generation Collection

Book Covers

Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
For one of my MA modules, I was given the opportunity to respond to the WIA. As a creative returning to education with the aim of developing my practice and a fresh new creative voice for my work, I was drawn to the challenge of creating a series of book covers and thinking about both image and text to develop a cohesive design.

How was the illustration used:
To create a series of book covers which work independently and as a collection, echoing the relationship of the writers themselves as individuals and members of the Beat movement.

How did you make this work:
Colour and shape was important in communicating the themes and style of the writing, rather than a traditional narrative or figurative approach. Each has its own unique flavour and flow, tapping into the jazz influences of the writing. A range of visual elements, including the title font, were created from scratch and then applied in a way which captured the spirit of the writing within each book.

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MIMA School of Art - Teesside University
MA Illustration
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United Kingdom

Nick Moffatt returned to education in 2022 to study an MA in Illustration with the goal of developing his creative voice through the exploration and celebration of the visual inspiration he surrounds himself with. With a huge love of Mid-Century design and bold no nonsense graphics, his work looks to synthesise these passions to create something that is both classic and contemporary.