Meichen Lu
opus magnum for a girl


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
I narrate 3 points in my practice to express the primary understanding of menstruation as a little girl. I applied more than 16 various symbols to represent relevant sexuality elements to emphase my ignorance of sexual knowledge as a 12 years-old girl. The half of vulva character presents same obscure impressions of anatomical female genitalia.

How was the illustration used:
it examines new understanding emerges from an exploratory practice creating autobiographical graphical narratives. it across different fields including fine art, graphic narratives and illustration.

How did you make this work:
my practice focus on creating new insights by applying the symbolic representation of female genitalia to characters in graphic narratives and challenging the erotic and taboo stereotypes of such graphic images. Through highlights the aesthetic and expressive aspects, the work specifically critics the merely or mostly abstraction format may not the best approach to express the agency of the vulva.

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LONDON COLLEGE OF communication
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Meichen Lu is now enrolled in the third year of her PhD programme at the LCC. As a female illustration artist, Meichen is interested in feminist thoughts and the representation of female genitalia in a variety of mediums, including fine art, graphic narratives and illustration. She has been focusing on fusing graphic novels and illustrations with feminist social concerns in her prior works.