Marion Dubois
Feminist sex ed

Science & Technology

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I am in a volunteer group for the local Planned Parenthood. Our goal was to develop a sex-positive, inclusive, and feminist sex ed campaign. We created an Instagram page (@jaimemavulve) in 2019, and I have been illustrating our biweekly posts ever since. Through these images, I explore different aspects of illustration while contributing to a better popular education on bodies and sexualities.

How was the illustration used:
It was used on the Instagram account @jaimemavulve.

How did you make this work:
For this project, I wanted to make my illustrations impactful: they had to be eye-catchy enough for Instagram. They also had to be clear and easy to understand even when treating complex subjects like anatomical details. In order to keep up with the biweekly publication rhythm, I needed a technique that was quick, which is why I chose to mix ink drawings with one or two digitally added colours.

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Marion is an illustrator from Strasbourg, France. Her projects include campaigns for gender equality and sexual health awareness, children magazines, and anatomical illustration. She works with a variety of traditional and digital techniques: painting, hand drawing, embroidery, cut paper, etc. She likes scientific popularisation, feminism, good stories and colours.