Luke Waller : Quarantena


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Why did you make this work:
At the start of UK Lockdown, a number of other countries had already been locked down for a number of weeks. Northern Italy, where this image is based is one of them. In fact, it was the first place in Europe to enact strict rules on the lives of its citizens. This image depicts Sarah Elawad living under these restrictions, waiting to find out if she was able to leave Italy to come back to London.

How was the illustration used:
This was a personal piece connected to my ongoing research into how to communicate the emotions and feelings of in living in the western world. For example, with all the ‘things’ capitalism has allowed us to own, these fleeting experiences or material objects are no substitute for community and the natural world. The promise of the ‘golden days’ - as seen out of the window - seems almost unreachable. It is easy to feel as though we will be trapped indoors forever, doomed to communicate only through social media.

How did you make this work:
The scene was created in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. A variation of monoprint textures were used to give the artwork a more organic post-digital feel. The colour reflects the warmth of Northern Italy, not just in its climate but its cultural achievements. The sparse, empty room reflects the feelings we all experienced during the beginning of Lockdown - Isolation, claustrophobia, loneliness.

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Luke Waller is an award-winning English illustrator, animator and lecturer working across the fields of editorial, commercial, advertising and publishing. With clients spanning the globe, Luke works regularly in the editorial sector, with clients such as The Financial Times and Politico Europe.Since completing his MA in Visual Communication in 2018 at Bath Spa, Luke has focused much more on creating projects and undertaking collaborations which challenge not only the way we think about the world today, but how we see it in the future.Luke’s most recent projects include themes on loneliness, alienation, sexism and xenophobia and how illustration - and animation - can affect how we see these issues.Selected Clients: Nike, Footlocker, The Financial Times, British Airways, Timeout UK, Sony Playstation, RedBull, BBC, BBC History, ESPN, The Independent, MTV, Virgin EMI, Politico EU, Panorama Italia, John Hopkins University, Harvard University, Forbes Japan, Fast Company, Easy Jet Magazine, Twitter, Nvidia, Philadelphia.Awards: Society For News Design - Award of Excellence - Politico EU - Russian Spy Story.