Krom Bagelsky
Rings of Time

Transformation of a 45m concrete chimney into an encyclopaedia of Bulgarian culture through the ages

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Commissioned | Professional

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How did you make this work:
I was commissioned to paint a mural on a 45m disused industrial chimney - to celebrate five key eras in Bulgaria's cultural history. I painted the mural using rope access techniques. I enjoyed the challenge of composing 28 figures on the unusual 3-dimensional shape while allowing for perspective distortions, and researching the clothes and artefacts for each era.

Commissioner Name :
Engineer Vladimir Lafchiiski
Commissioner Company :
Platex JSC

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United Kingdom (UK)

Krom Bagelsky is a London-based Bulgarian British artist and muralist with a background in classical sculpture. He founded Rural Murals - a project inviting international artists to paint murals on abandoned buildings in the wilderness. He paints both commissioned murals on historical or community themes and personal murals which tell the stories of the non-human agents muted by modernity.