Lost Architecture of The Golden Mount

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Why did you make this work:
This illustrate was created as an online educational content in the topic of Reconstructing the original golden mount in bangkok. “Golden Mount” (“Phu Khao Thong”, ภูเขาทอง) is a steep artificial hill top with gold pagoda inside the Wat Saket compound. Built under the commission of King Nangklao of siam but never complete. This project is to reconstruct and reimagine its complete state.

How was the illustration used:
Online educational content

How did you make this work:
The processes of creating this illustration consisted of three part 1.Research and studied from Old Photograph and primary source Literature 2.Reconstruct the architecture using contemporary reference 3.Creating 3D model by using sketchup, autocad and draft by hand with digital paint.

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History of architecture
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