Jiayan Fan : LET'S DANCE!


Un-commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
Based on my research, I found that dance can release all the anxiety and gloom lurking deep inside people. Therefore, I did this project to provide a way for people with depression emotion to enjoy life----Dance. I hope that after watching this project, their interest in dance could be stimulated and they could discover the power of dance and gradually get rid of depression and loneliness.

How was the illustration used:
Four brochures for introducing different types of dance (ballet, disco, jazz, etc.) It has also been used as advertising images on the homepage of the company's website.

How did you make this work:
For the preliminary research, I researched dance therapy, target audiences, and different types of dance. Then based on this research I drew up a few drafts and a first version. After that I made some adjustments, I did font tests, box packaging design and paper tests. For the illustration part of the final product, I mainly used Photoshop.

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Jiayan Fan is from China. She is currently a freelance illustrator based in London and is studying for illustration MA at Kingston University. She is passionate about weaving stories through shapes and vibrant colours, inspired by nature, culture, dreams and everyday life.