Jiangnan Liao
Amazing Wedding Gown

Children's Publishing

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I was given the story by my commissioner Shanghai Aerogia: The princess of Mehida couldn't find any suitable cloth for her wedding dress. So the king sent the ministers to ask help from Baba and Nini.Baba and Nini met a blue phoenix and a red phoenix in the forest. They took Baba and Nini to the East and the West respectively, and found two pieces of beautiful cloth.

How was the illustration used:
It is a children’s book project about art. The theme is the intersperse of Arabian and Chinese architecture and culture on “The Silk Road”.The lines in the pages are tooled with gold. The patterns of the phonix wings are laser engraved.

How did you make this work:

Commissioner Name :
Shanghai Aerogia
Commissioner Company :
Shanghai Aerogia is a children's book publisher in Shanghai China. In May 2011 Aerogia launched the first range of products. Aerogia’s vision is to help children develop independent learning skills. By designing creative and interactive reading products, Aerogia aims at breaking the problematic status of children reading and parents choosing appropriate books. The books are adapted to the different age categories and allow children to explore the content and gain valuable knowledge interactively.

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Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction
architectural design
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Currently Based:
Shenzhen, China

Jiangnan Liao is a Chinese illustrator and designer. Now her main work is scene design of game original paintings, as well as the cover design of some publishing books, the creation of a full set of picture books. Reading comic books was her passion in the childhood, so she dedicates herself to explore the world of illustration now.