Isabella Bersellini
Illustrations on the study of shamanic trance as a medical resource, for Les Echos Week-end


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The article talks about how shamanic trance is being studied for possible applications in the medical field.Psychedelia got me!I chose psychedelic colours and references.In the 1st illustration, the sounds of the shamanic drum turn into a dance of coloured lines to form a mask.In the 2nd, the patient on the couch becomes a flow of energy and in the 3rd the essence of psychedelia:toads & mushrooms.

How was the illustration used:
A series of illustrations for Les Echos Week-end

How did you make this work:
I researched and was inspired by images from the world of Tibetan shamanism and 1970s psychedelia. Then I put on Frank Zappa and started to work.

Commissioner Name :
AD Alice Lagarde - Les Echos Week-end
Commissioner Company :
Les Echos
Commissioned for:
Les Echos

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Currently Based:
Parma - Italy

I'm Isabella Bersellini, freelance illustrator based in Parma (Italy).I have worked with several international and Italian clients such as Big Mamma,Les Echos, Intercom, Freeda, Twix, Feltrinelli, Lipu, to name a few.Born under the sign of Pisces and with a wardrobe divided by colors. I often tell with irony and sensitivity stories, emotions and social issues that are very dear to me.