Niall McCormack
Gorse No. 7 Codes

Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Paperback book cover

Process: Digital. The look of the covers I have illustrated for Gorse Journal take their visual cues from the rough letterpress printing of mid-twentieth century matchbox labels and stamps. I am particularly interested in the overlap of colours from excessive trapping of the separations and I mimic the letterpress print process digitally to achieve a similar result.

Materials: Digital, scans of found textures and shapes

Formats: B Format paperback

Brief Requirements: Illustrate the concept of 'codes' for the seventh issue of Gorse Journal

Key Brief Ideas: The loose theme of this issue of the journal was codes. I developed a visual alpha/numeric code to represent the title of the journal on the book cover. The full code, in alphabetic order but without the corresponding letters, was included on a bookmark that was included with the book. When decoded the cover reads in three vertical lines: GORSE SEVEN CODES.

Commissioner Company: Gorse Journal