Fantasy of the Red Chamber


Image Type: multiple

Usage: These five drawings were exhibited in my last exhibition 'Fantasy of the Red Chamber', at a tea room. The tea room created a seasonal tea set which featured the same theme as the drawings.

Process: To use dip pen as Chinese brush, water colour and colour pencil as Chinese paint, in a chinoiserie style to set a dreamy, fancy atmosphere.

Materials: Dip pen, link, watercolour, colour pencil, art paper

Brief Requirements: A series of drawing inspired by one of my favourite book Dream of Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin. It is one of China's Four Greatest Classical Novels, long considered a masterpiece of Chinese literature. I fell madly in love with the way Chinese artist such as Li Yu represent Chinese landscape gardens in poems and stories.

Key Brief Ideas: The chinoiserie style best portrays or represents classical novels such as ‘The Dream of Red Chamber’. This novel has a the mixture of Chinese philosophy combined with western dream.