Eva Lippert


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Being horrified to hear about the enormous slash and burn of the rainforest, and later about the fires in Australia, I created a 1,45m sized jungle, consisting of various materials and techniques, to imitate nature's diversity. It has the shape of a burn hole, and is surrounded by flames. As nature still gets destroyed massively, I want to use my creativity to point on the situation.

How was the illustration used:
I made this work on the occasion of my last group- exhibition, that took place from october to dezember 2019. Without the corona crisis, it would also have been a part of the next exhibition in april at "Galerie Mauritiushof", Zurzach (CH).

How did you make this work:
The jungle and the flames consist of my knittings, paintings, woven materials and found objects as woods and feathers, that I arranged and stitched on canvas.

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I am an illustrator, artist and textile designer. With my work I cross the borders between art, craft and design, everything melts into each other. For every theme, I research materials and techniques that can be used to represent it's typical attributes- in a project about mass production and environmental pollution for instance, plastic waste was handled as a design element. My curiosity leads to a distinctive, narrative style, which can be seen in my art and illustration as well as on the textile creations that were designed mainly for "Fabric Frontline Zürich", a Swiss label that supplies it's fabrics to haute couture fashion. As an artist and illustrator I feel an increasing need to deal with current incidents.