Christina S. Zhu
Facial Recognition As Oppressive Technology

Science & Technology

Commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
Magazine or newspaper cover illustration, Magazine or newspaper inside or spot illustration/s

How did you make this work:
This illustration was created for an article about facial recognition technology. In their plea, the authors argue that this technology is a menace disguised as a gift, since it cannot be procedurally regulated and can easily be exploited.
In order to convey the ambivalence of the dangers and possibilities, I used sharp contrasts: clear-cut shapes, opposing colours, an intense yet cold atmosphere.

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The Philosopher's Magazine

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Christina S. Zhu (M.A.) is an illustrator from Germany. She is particularly fond of translating complex topics – such as intersectionality, social issues, and psychology – into sensible and responsible visual art. Her clients include NBC News, Futurium, Buzzfeed Germany, taz – die Tageszeitung, and many more.