Carina Lindmeier
Still Life Illustration


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Still Here, Still Life is the viral still life drawing challenge by Tess Smith-Roberts & Zena Kay. Put simply, it's a weekly still life drawing challenge that invites other artists to join in and share their interpretations on Instagram of a shared photograph, posted each Sunday. Creatives can respond through any medium. The whole ethos behind Still Here, Still Life is to keep people creative!

How was the illustration used:
I regularly take the opportunity to work on my own style, to discover and explore it through this challenge.

How did you make this work:
First, through simple observation, I create a digital sketch and then I usually finish the illustration on my iPad using Adobe Fresco. In the process, I consciously let myself be guided by the process of illustrating and simply enjoy it to explore and play!

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Carina Lindmeier is a freelance illustrator from Linz, Austria. She specializes in digital illustration with a figurative, contemporary style. Her work is characterized by a handmade digital aesthetic, with layers of textures, vivid patterns, bright colors, and subtle imperfections. She cares deeply about female empowerment and loves to explore topics such as lifestyle, food and nature.