Camelia Pham
Breathing Out Tigers


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
This was a personal project with images created 6 months apart. I drew “Stubby Pencil” when I felt stuck in my job and started losing the identity of my style, but with hope that one day I might get it back. I drew “Break Out” when I finally left the job and started freelancing; feeling literally free and holding onto the hope that this year of the Tiger will help liberate my creative self.

How was the illustration used:
“Stubby Pencil” was solely a cathartic piece at the time. “Break Out” came to life when a group of Vietnamese illustrators got together to draw the zodiac of that year to show on Behance.

How did you make this work:
Everything is done digitally. From the sketching to the final effect, by masking a lot of paper and halftone texture layers along with some filters on Photoshop.

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Currently Based:
Hanoi, Vietnam

Camelia Pham is an illustrator based in Hanoi. Her work is primarily focused on telling stories through human bodies, bold colors and decorative frames. She has won multiple awards for her work and dabbled in the animation field as an art director. She is now freelance, enjoying her life creating art at home, all while snuggling her dog and trying to find good working cafes in the city.