Sohyun Lee
Blue and the Blue


Usage: Illustration with short text for an exhibition.

Process: Starting from one summer night at the river while walking beside the bridge. I found the space between the bridge which looks like a movie screen. I observed the changing blue color in the sky and the river all night long. Then I painted the scenery with acrylic gauche, made some texture with ink on the sketchbook and scanned them into digital files. And layout with Photoshop. 

Materials: Acrylic gouache, ink, spray, photoshop

Formats: Painting on paper and scanned it. The final format is a digital file. 

Brief Requirements: The record of things to come and fade away. One night, flowing blue and the blue of the sky and the river.

Key Brief Ideas: I create the scene that based on real world but something strange. I try to make the silent space through the color and the layout to focus the mood of the time. In this space, you're going to be gaze the cropped scene through the screen just like the people in there. It may be a short but long journey to experience that moment.      

College: Hills