Susannah Lovegrove
Baba Yaga

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Final project for MA Children's Book Illustration – illustrated story book 'Baba Yaga' completed 2016

Process: Mixed media digital collage involving pencil/pen drawings in sketchbooks, monoprints, sunography prints and relief prints and frottage textures. Scanned into Photoshop and collaged together

Materials: Pencils, pens, inks, relief printing inks, sunography papers, watercolours, natural objects, styrofoam, Photoshop

Formats: Sketchbook drawings, monoprints, relief printed textures, frottage textures, sunography prints of leaves and twigs.

Brief Requirements: The project brief was to produce a significant creative, graphic project based on my own ideas, which built on my previous development as a visual artist. I set myself the task to produce an illustrated storybook in black and white.

Key Brief Ideas: A series of illustrations for a Russian fairytale, which form part of an illustrated story 'Baba Yaga'. I chose to explore black and white imagery and my aim was to produce images that were dark and atmospheric. I explored new techniques and experimented with processes to gain textures and elements that came together quite spontaneously. The witch character has a strong relationship with nature and animals, so I decided to used real natural objects to print with and scan in order to build her character. The girl was inspired by some old Russian moss figures I found in the Pitt Rivers Museum , and so her hair was printed with real moss. And of course, all silver birch trees have eyes…

College: Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University

Agent: Artist Partners Ltd

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