Ashling Tu
Between Here & Now


Un-commissioned | Professional

How were your illustrations used? :
College or university project, Exhibition or installation, Experimentation, Self Promotion/portfolio, Social Media Campaign, Whole book design

How did you make this work:
This is a short comics book describing fragments of life through a girl's perspective. The book intended to remind the viewers to take a closer observation of their connections to the surrounding environment and others. The artist wants to bring healing energy to the audience, raising our self-awareness of who we are and what we can contribute to our daily life.

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Maryland Institute College of Art

Currently Based:
United States of America (USA)

Ashling Tu is an Illustrator, Designer and sculptor graduated from MICA (Maryland Institute College of Arts). As an international Artist from China who attended school in the US at age of 14, Ashling has benefited from a multicultural environment. She is always looking for inspirations from daily life and turning them into heartwarming artworks.