Diana Flores Blazquez


ANIMALIA was one of the projects I made for my MFA thesis entitled 'Regnum'.

The project mixes the idea of an illustrated alphabet book with an ornamental light box installation of paper sculptures.  

Multiple image entry

My thesis project was entitled Regnum. Its main objective was to fuse art and science by exploring different illustration techniques and then connect them all to the main theme of Natural sciences and biological taxonomy.

 When I first learned Biology, scientists divided  life in six different kingdoms (or Regnum in Latin). They have changed, mixed and regrouped into three now, but back then we had: Animalia, Plantae, Chromista, Fungi, Protista and Bacteria. I decided to take these groups and use them as an inspiration to generate a multidisciplinary project that concluded in the production of six independent pieces. Each of these study a different form of illustration through various visual technics and materials. 

college Maryland Institute College of Art