Andreea Moise
HIV prevention treatment in Zambian prisons

PrEP treatment (oral pre-exposure prophylaxis) can enable prisoners in Zambia to be HIV-free

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How were your illustrations used? :
Magazine or newspaper cover illustration

How did you make this work:
This illustration won the cover art competition for The Lancet HIV and appeared on the January cover. The theme was making oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) accessible in Zambian prisons, where other HIV prevention methods (condoms, lubricants) are prohibited. PrEP is therefore the only option for inmates to be HIV-free.

I made the illustration by assembling hand-painted elements in Photoshop.

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Elsevier / The Lancet HIV

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Andreea Moise is a Romanian illustrator who focuses on editorial illustration and self-discovery.She is concept oriented and likes to experiment with different mediums in order to express ideas - whether it's collage, watercolour, gouache, ink, digital brushes or a combination of them. Her personal work is colourful, dreamy, and reflects her inner explorations.