Anabela Dias
The White Jar

Book Covers

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
How does a child feel when she sees his mother sad? How will she see this disease that is not visible to her little eyes? What mother is that mother, looking all the time to the white jar? This book cover it's about a story of adult depression, written in poetic language for children.

How was the illustration used:
Book cover

How did you make this work:
All manual illustration: acrylic, ink and watercolor

Commissioner Name :
Lello Bookshop
Commissioner Company :
Lello Bookshop

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Currently Based:
Oporto, Portugal

I have a degree in Visual Arts and Painting. I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and I love to paint and design my books. I illustrated several books, whose design, layout, printing and all the logistics follow-up until delivery to the client were my responsibility. I also work in a children's bookshop named "Papa-Livros" that means "Eat Books" and I love it!