Kuri Huang
Alice in the Afternoon Tea World


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Personal portfolio 

Process: I drew some rough sketches as idea in sketch book, there are three different idea. and then choose my favorite one to drawing in digital way.

Materials: For completing this picture, I have referred to some movies about Alice (Alice in Wonderland). As to the desserts in the picture, I selected the photos of desserts that I have taken in traveling different places as references.

Formats: to finish this picture I have 3 sketches in pen and 4 digital files to record each step.

Brief Requirements: I was required to draw a picture with the theme of Alice. I referred to some stories of Alice in original works and watched certain films. Quite interested in their afternoon tea party, I want to draw the scene in which Alice enjoys her afternoon tea in a leisurely manner.

Key Brief Ideas: I like desserts very much and have taken great number of photos about desserts. I have always wanted to draw these desserts and this just conforms to the theme of Alice enjoying her afternoon tea. The factor of desserts is combined with Alice, in addition with flowers and adorable little birds, all of which are intended to make a kind of atmosphere of leisure and elegance. I hope that each part of this picture could invoke the sense of surprise. 

College: Syracuse University