Alexandria Hall
Music City Vintage Mural

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Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Music city Vintage (a vintage clothing store in Nashville, TN) held a contest for a mural concept- one that included a boombox- to showcase in their new location. They selected my concept as the winner and commissioned me to make the illustration come to life as a mural.

How was the illustration used:
Commissioned Indoor Mural

How did you make this work:
This mural was painted using acrylic paints and outlines in professional enamel lettering paint. The process took 2 weeks from start to finish.

Commissioner Company :
Music City Vintage
Commissioned for:
Music City Vintage

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Savannah College of Art and Design
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Currently Based:
United States

Alexandria Hall is a professional muralist and illustrator from Nashville, TN. She has created illustrations for clients such as Mellow Mushroom, Disney+, BlackRock Finance, Wayfair, and Pandora Music. She attempts to spark moments of joy and positivity in her viewers through the use of vivid color, and she hopes to reach more communities and inspire others through her artwork into the future.