Abanti D Chowdhury
Artificial Intelligence

Science & Technology

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Illustration about the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in people's daily lives. This project was created for SNF/SVA Poster Project Exhibition. The idea of this project was inspired by the quote “Creating A.I. could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization. But it could also, be the last."— Stephen Hawking.

How was the illustration used:
Illustration was used for the SNF Nostos Festival in Athens, Greece and online promotion.

How did you make this work:
This illustration was created digitally using Procreate.

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Currently Based:
United States of America

Abanti D Chowdhury is a NYC-based illustrator and received her MFA in the Illustration as Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts. She creates conceptual, colorful, vibrant, and emotionally expressive works. In her spare time, she loves reading sci-fi and comics, watching documentaries, and historical dramas.