New Designers: Industry Insight Panel Discussion – Illustration First Moves

Join the in-person Panel discussion for tips on how to start working as an illustrator. This friendly panel of illustration professionals will share their insights and advice for getting your personal and professional practice up-and-running. From finding the right opportunities and people to work with, to nurturing an online presence and nailing application forms, we’ve got you covered. Bring your..

Nu Dang and His Kite – book review

Ayer’s picture books set out to give a form to her countless pen and ink drawings made travelling along the canals, in and around the markets, workshops and streets of Bangkok.

Edward Ardizzone: A Retrospective

A major exhibition of the work of Edward Ardizzone, one of the 20th century’s most significant illustrators, the first major exhibition of his work in 40 years. Venue: House of Illustration,..