Adrián Balastegui is shortlisted for the project Train Travel in the WIA2021 Professional Site Specific Category.

Find out more about Adrián and this shortlisted project:

What’s your favourite thing about your shortlisted project?

This project allowed me to experiment with a new pattern of shapes and colors.

What materials did you use?

Mainly my computer with illustrator

What processes did you use?

First, I make a simple sketch. Later i use illustrator to create the piece and finally photoshop to give the texture details.

How long did it take to complete your project?

A few days, as there were several illustrations in addition to this one.

Why did you choose to enter this work?

I think this work defines my style quite well, and helped me to get out of my comfort zone.

What are your plans for the future?

My idea is to start my career as a freelancer and also dedicate myself to the NFT world since it is something I am just starting and I think it has a great future.

What is your dream commission?

Nike, Hypebeast, Carhartt

What is your best tip for other illustrators?

Do not let yourself be influenced too much by other styles, there are too many stimuli because of social networks. Try to do something authentic

What’s your favourite thing to draw?

Wizards and Shamans, especially mystical things