Vibrant Colour

Bright, bold colour makes for attention-grabbing illustration. Whether tempting consumers, engaging readers or encouraging clicks, a vibrant colour palette can create an impact like nothing else.

Junxiao Liu 
Autumn in Beijing

Autumn in Beijing is no longer just about the magnificent aura of the capital, but seems to have returned to the authentic and simple old Beijing. People enjoy the autumn in Beijing by riding bicycles, admiring the ginkgo leaves, boating, and hiking. Therefore, creating this illustration was to portray the comfortable life of people in Beijing during autumn, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Maus Baus 
Dutch Welfare State

This puzzling illustration was drawn with pencil, and eventually came to life in Adobe Illustrator. The stork, which often is used as an icon for birth, is nurturing the poor and ill. While a plague doctor and baby devil are watching the process. The artist’s favourite part is the frog that’s protected from getting eaten by the heron because of financial help.

Lisa Sheehan 
Who Wants To Own A Hotel Now

The artist was asked to illustrate the cover of FT Weekend for the cover story: “How the future of the hotel business may look very different post pandemic.” The artist sketched 24 typographic signs, and used Adobe Illustrator then Cinema 4D to build a hotel and create the final scene. They also animated each logo to light up

Judit Zengővári 
36 Days of Type

The artist experimented with character letter shapes during the 36 days of type challenge in March 2022. They dedicated the whole project to the beauty of diversity, finding a different theme for each letter which expresses warm feelings. The artist took inspiration from everyday life, their surroundings, and daydreaming.

Anna Nicolò 
Wood Green Library Mural

This artwork was commissioned by Haringey Council as part of (RE)Imagine Wood Green, a project aimed at making civic spaces feel safer and more approachable. The rows of books envelop the side of the library building from street level to the top. Some of the book spines display the word “library” in different languages to reflect and celebrate the cultural diversity of the community of Wood Green.

Stav Assis 

The artist made this project out of a big love for dogs and design. They wanted to experiment with the shape of the dog’s body, develop it into a logo, illustration, and embedding it in one matchbox package brand.


This design takes its inspiration from the Explorer concept. The package features two people travelling on the train, seated next to the large windows. The windows can be peeked through on the packaging. Therefore, we can apply the water bottle to any location or photos as we create a new location for these characters for their journey.

Crown Paint Packaging

For the artist, illustrating the packaging art for Crown’s most popular range was a really exciting prospect as they had expressed a wish to create something that really stood out from their competition. The decision to use illustration to create this point of different was so refreshing for this sector and for the artist, signalling a real commitment to doing things differently. 

Maria Jesus Contreras Aravena 
New York Times Morning Newsletters

This is a collection of vibrant illustrations which the artist has produced for the New York Times. Since 2022, the artist has been creating the the morning newsletter illustrations each Saturday.

What Happen In The Room

SQUARE² is an original comic strip by Kiblind, following a format of squares – 4 sides, 4 frames, and 4 colours.
All SQUARE² stories happen in the same room.

Olivia Boutrou 
Being Human festival 2022 – Master Illustration

This project was the perfect opportunity to break the stereotypes around research and make learning a place of fun. The artist took a playful approach and made the illustration inclusive and accessible to all. They embraced the broadness of subjects, creating a crowd/melting pot of people, reflecting the energy and the effervescence of the research field and the spirit of the festival.