Picture Books

Explore how the picture book format can create engaging narratives for readers of any age.

Niels Blaesi 
ABC Swiss

This illustration was created for an A to Z of Switzerland. The picture book with 26 double pages shows Switzerland from its most beautiful side.

Lemady Rochard 
Sink or Swim

These illustrations were made to feature alongside a magazine story called ‘Sink or Swim’ by Cathryn Free. The story was about a girl and her experience in a swimming club. The illustrations were made using a combination of hand-drawn and hand-painted elements, combined with digital collage. 

Khoa Le 
Children’s Picture Book: “Making Happy”

‘Making Happy’ is a very raw story of a family going through a trying time. It takes a lot of courage for the author to tell it. By delivering soothing art to this story, the artist hopes to give comfort to young readers going through the same thing. To express the many emotions in the characters, she used facial expressions as well as different details and colour in each illustration.

Yaoting Wang 

This illustration shows a double Alaskan Malamut. It is featured in the artist’s book called “A Week In Alaska”.

P Nhung 
The Silence in Paris

This project was made after the artist spent 3 years living and studying in Paris. Even though they didn’t like the city at first, Paris and its people found a way to win their heart. 

Simona Massa

Simona created ‘Gino’ for one of their MA modules at Cambridge School of Art, where I am currently studying.

The picturebook is intended as a gentle introduction to death, dog adoption and ownership, with humour and colour affecting the mood of each spread. 

The illustrations were made by combining emulsion paint, colour pencils, chinagraph and digital alterations.

Reza Dalvand 
I Have the Right

The artist and the publisher wanted to make a book about children’s rights, and created a brilliant and colourful book introducing children to the universal rights that they are entitled to under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Between fiction and non-fiction, the book is suitable both for kids and adults.

Gwen Millward 
One Tiny Dot

The artist created this work in response to a text written by a children’s author. The challenge was to draw a character, specifically a dot, that represented kindness. The idea was that kindness would grow as the story unfolded and as more characters within the story performed acts of kindness. 

Leanne Hatch 
Small Wonders

This piece was inspired by the colours and textures of early mid century picture books. The artist recalled these memories, combined with their current illustration style, to create this work.

Dani Torrent 
Travels In First Class Trains

In this mixture of picture book and graphic novel, Clementina, who lost everything during the war, spends her savings on a silk dress and a one-year pass to travel on first-class trains with the aim of finding a rich husband. She falls in love with traveling instead, turning it into a story of self-knowledge and women empowerment. The text tells her fable, the images show her inner journey.

Gooddays: Colour of the North

This book follows an opportunity the artist took to live in the north of Thailand. The slow pace of life there lends itself to an appreciation of nature. The experience, and this creative work, helped the artist to learn to find happiness in any situation.

Yolanda Kog
A day in the life of Mrs.Zung

This book is a fictional story set against the backdrop of daily life in Rua da Praia do Manduco.

The protagonist is an ordinary housewife who lives in Rua da Praia do Manduco.Through her daily routine.

We experience the warmth and charm of Rua da Praia do Manduco in these mundane yet meaningful moments, and gain a deeper appreciation for the simplicity and beauty of life.