Spotlight Interviews With the WIA2023 Winners

Meet some of our Award winning illustrators in this series of mini interviews.

Spotlight On AOI Members Cross Category Award Winner Ollie Hirst

Project: The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 2022

Spotlight On New Talent Animation Category Winner Heovers

Project: It Is What It Is

Spotlight On New Talent Book Covers Category Winner Katia Bligh

Project: ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Book Cover Illustration

Spotlight On New Talent Children’s Publishing Category Winner Simona Massa

Project: Gino

Spotlight On Professional Overall Winners Orit Bergman & Anat Warshavsky

Project: What Is More, Yellow or An Elephant?

Spotlight On Professional Science and Technology Category Winner Chiara Vercesi

Project: The Urgent Need To Improve Health Equity

Spotlight On New Talent Exploration Category Winner Hermione Ralph

Project: Into The Woods

Spotlight On New Talent Publishing Category Winner Wincy Kung

Project: Bamboo Craft Festival

Spotlight On New Talent Overall Winner Stav Asiss

Project: Fetch!

Spotlight On New Talent Science and Technology Category Winner Weston Wei

Project: Sleeping With My Allergy

Spotlight On Huion Innovation Cross Category Award Winner Fengyi Ye

Project: Zodiac Rabbit

Spotlight On New Talent Site Specific Category Winner Yuanyuan Liu

Project: Mural At Camberwell

Spotlight On Professional Book Covers Category Winner Pauliina Mäkelä

Project: Fantasma

Spotlight Professional Exploration Category Winner Trevin Wyant

Project: The Governess