“It Is What It Is” - Animated Short

Follow a day in the life of Wobbly Man.


Un-commissioned | New Talent

How were your illustrations used? :
College or university project, Experimentation, Self Promotion/portfolio

How did you make this work:
“It Is What It Is” was created in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and was inspired by my reflections on life during isolation and family estrangement. Both factors were out of my control and so the phrase became a coping mechanism for me. I made this piece using Procreate and it was originally a university project intended to illustrate my values.

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United Kingdom (UK)

Heovers graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2022, and currently works as a freelance illustrator in Leeds. Specialising in narrative based projects with underlying themes of escapism, philosophy and humour, she enjoys working both digitally and traditionally. Her portfolio ranges from animation to painting, sculpture and digital illustration.