Atmospheric illustrations focus on creating a mood or ambiance through the use of visual elements such as colour, lighting, texture, and composition. These shortlisted projects use these elements to create emotions and, as the name suggests, convey an immersive atmosphere.

Col McElwaine
To the lighthouse

The illustrator wanted to explore the themes of introspection within the setting of the rocky isolated Scottish coast.

Re-designing this book that was originally published almost a century ago, Woolf’s work continues to be relevant and worth revisiting.

This cover was illustrated digitally in a limited palette with hand lettered titles.

Skin Sky is an illustrated cover of paperback, the book of poetry,

Soru Lee

This illustration was created for the cover of a poetry book, “Skinsky”. A small body of still water was formed after a night of rain.

The surface of the quiet pond is a mirror of the beauty and mystery of the natural world. Like an air in motion, images come and go on the water of the pond with the invitation to explore.

Ollie Hirst
The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 2022

This evocative series of illustrations for the Lancet explores pairing idea-led illustration with leading endo research: diabetes disease burden, menopause, redefining Type 2 diabetes groups, osteoporosis in men, risk of radiotherapy for brain tumours and more.

The illustrations were created in Procreate on an iPad.

Mark Joshman
The Queue

This project depicts the illustrators experience of seeing Queen Elizabeth II lying in state. The queue made worldwide headlines and they felt compelled to capture this moment in history.

They found it to be a profoundly moving, once-in-a-lifetime experience and wanted to convey the mood accurately; that the mood wasn’t sombre but was instead overwhelmingly celebratory.

Andrea Ihl

MESTA is an illustrated collection of stories and perspectives by 26 people who reflected with the illustrator on several questions about their (post)migrant identities.

The publication aims to empower the participants to share their experiences and talk about their goals, visions, problems and general topics about what in their past has been left unspoken.

Kid Meng
I AM WHAT I AM – the animated film art poster

This project was created as the poster for the Chinese animated film “I AM WHAT I AM “.

The film returns to realism, telling the story of ordinary people who can shine in their ordinary lives.

Lion dance is an intangible cultural heritage in Guangdong Province, China.The inspiration for the poster comes from the core line “Hear the roar from the heart, be a lion”.

The Psychology of Retirement Income by Miriam Martincic, Add Safety

Miriam Martincic
The Psychology of Retirement Income

This series of dreamy illustrations were created for a series of articles on the Psychology of Retirement Income.

“Vicinity” is disappearing

This portfolio project was inspired by the trend for people to pay attention to things like worldwide events that are far removed from their own experience.

By worrying about the international issues, they lose sight of what is happening around them. This series of drawings was created to record this helpless status quo.

Cinta Fosch
Down for the count

This illustrated cover was created for a poetry book about the action of getting up again after a failure. The illustration plays with the idea evoked by the original title “Besar la lona”, which means to lose in a boxing match. The boxer, however, gets up again, climbs into the ring. The textures evoke the sordid atmosphere of an underground space.

Patrik Svensson

Book cover for Refined, a memoir by Louisiana based Tracie Breaux. Tracie grew up in an abusive environment. A few blocks from her home was an oil refinery, serving as a kind of resting point for her to run away to during her young years.

Skye Wang

This project was created to explore children’s psychology, using animals to present the inner world of children.

The lighting and textures used give these illustrations a dreamlike quality.

Alé Mercado
The Masque of the Red Death

This complex illustration, was created to highlight the decadence of Prince Prospero and the continuous Masquerade in his locked-down extravagant castle. 7

It was created for the Folio Book Illustration Award in 2022, and was longlisted along with 19 other projects.

Ocean Salazar
And I Fell Like A Comet

This was created as a speculative conceptual illustration based on the character Asimov Vasquez from a personal developing IP titled “No One Lives Forever”.

The character is shown plummeting towards the Earth as a metaphor for his self-destructive habits and beliefs; the image is intended to be seen both upright and reversed as it represents both perceived rising ascension and the true reality of it.

Yueming Li
Bird Migration

This experimental poster was inspired by flamingo migration. Yueming applied digital filters and collaged them to make this illustration. They wanted to explore the shapes and colours without directly painting them.

Feifei Chen
Sun Tzu – The Art of Warfare

These illustrations were for the book “Sun Tzu – The Art of Warfare”. Feifei used modern illustrative language to reveal the wisdom of ancient Chinese people.