Soru Lee

This illustration is a commission for the cover of a poetry book, "Skinsky".

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This illustration was created for the cover of a poetry book, "Skinsky". A small body of still water was formed after a night of rain. The surface of the quiet pond is a mirror of the beauty and mystery of the natural world. Like an air in motion, images come and go on the water of the pond with the invitation to explore. Our lives stay in the stream like a quiet passage of nature.

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Spring Day Books
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Spring Day Books
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South Korea

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Soru Lee is an artist who also illustrates and writes picture books. Her images are intended to be intuitive and focus on our relationship with nature, many of which are inspired by her own personal experiences. By spending time walking, Soru finds time to reflect on who she is and later translates these moments of self-reflection onto the canvas.