Calculating an ‘All Media’ licence

The Illustration Industry is built around licensing artwork rights – if you haven’t already, make sure you first read Pricing Basics and How to calculate a fee. If you’ve not come across the term ‘licensing’ before we’ve written this resource on how to licence illustration to get you started.

AOI advice on how to build a quote for the broadest licence you can offer

Illustration licence fees are scale-based – low usage can attract a low fee and high usage can attract a high fee. Put simply, if a client wants to use an illustration across many formats for a large number audience, you’ll quote a higher fee.

When quoting for any project, how the work will be used (also known as ‘usage’) is one of the most important factors to consider. The AOI Pricing Calculator helps you consider all the individual ways illustration can be applied, and helps you consider a fee for each one.

Now and then, illustrators are asked to quote a sum for very broad rights such as ‘All Media’ or ‘unlimited usage’. While there is no basic formula to quote for this scale as it can vary from project to project, factors such as size of the client, number of illustrations being commissioned and duration can make a notable impact.

The following tips will help you build an appropriate quote:

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