Pricing Basics – Full Version

Graphic Design and Illustration are charged completely differently. Illustration fees are worked out based on the elements mentioned below, whereas design work will generally be based on a flat fee or a day/hourly rate.

Illustration of any kind, for any use, is always based on a licence. A typical licence is inclusive of a creation fee and the usage.

Licences are based on the Usage of the illustration, the Area of Use and Duration (length of time) of use (see below), and are also dependant on the size of the client or print run of items.

If any of these factors change a new Licence should be put in place because the changes will affect the fee.

To be able to quote a fee accurately you need to obtain the information listed below. This can be asked directly of the client, who should have most of it available. Accurate licensing is mutually beneficial for the client and the illustrator as it defines a fee for actual usage rather than possible usage.

The most important considerations are:

Additional considerations that will have an impact on the fee:

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