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Illustration, Culture, Society Summer 2014

Varoom 26 scrubs up and explores the idea of Style. Interviews with top agents from Arena, GAS and Illustration Ltd., advising on Style in the age of digital platforms, illustrator Maira Kalman on illustrating the classic The Elements of Style, Art Director Paul Pensom examines The Ephemera of Style, the disappearing flotsam and jetsam of analogue culture such as trading cards and cereal box toys, and Laurence Zeegen on how illustration shaped the visual language of Style bible The Face magazine – “illustration was as pivotal as photography in representing the mood and times of the 1980s.” The Politics of Style highlights the political impact of style, exploring the work of fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez and Tom of Finland.

And before things get too Stylish Paul Davis captures the dizzying dangers and seductions of Style, “We should have a ‘National Personal Total Stylish-Self Day’ but that borders on self-expression and would be anarchy.”

The Commerce of Style – Agents

As fashions in advertising and marketing communications change faster than ever, Varoom  asks three agencies about how clients view ‘Style’, and explore how attitudes to ‘Style’ have changed, Tamlyn Francis and Caroline Thomson from Arena, Gina Cross from Gas, and Vicky Pearce from Illustration Web give us an overview of the marketplace.

The Elements of Style

Maira Kalman tells Sharon Bowes about making images for classic writers’ styleguide, The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White.

The Encounter with Style

With the next Mokita conference in the Autumn 2014 on Style, organisers Geoff Grandfield and Roderick Mills reveal personal encounters with Style

The Culture of Style

Youth culture’s original ‘style bible’ of the 80s and 90s, Lawrence Zeegen shows how illustration gave The Face magazine its visual compass


For her regular double-page image, Marian Bantjes creates an enigmatic, brooding expression of the transient and repetitive nature of Style

The Teaching of Style

In a rich elaboration on Style, Adrian Holme walks us round Susan Sontag’s reversal of Style, Sir John Soane’s museum and Matthew Richardson

Moving Image

The inside track from Media Molecule’s Rex Crowle on the papercraft world of blockbuster video game Tearaway

The Exercise in Style

Designers Rebecca Wright and Lucienne Roberts asked 70 graphic designers to design the first page of Dickens’ Great Expectations with surprising results.

The Politics of Style

Highlighting the political impact of style, Zoe Taylor explores the work of fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez and Tom of Finland.

Street Art

Tristan Manco explores the evolution and innovation of Wildstyle in the work of French street artist Horfee