Portfolio Consultation with Fig Taylor

An invaluable 1-1 Portfolio Consultation



** Please note that these consultations are carried over Zoom only. Please look for the link on your Order Confirmation e-mail. **

Suitable for early career illustrators, those looking to change direction, or just freshen up their portfolio. The hour long consultation can cover any area you want to focus on, but often includes

  • An overview of the main commissioning areas, with detail on specific spheres that interest you
  • Objective analysis of your strengths and weaknesses to help you find your niche
  • How to find and approach appropriate clients
  • A breakdown of what commissioners will expect to see in your portfolio
  • How to build and maintain professional relationships
  • The pros and cons of being represented
  • Pointers on basic negotiation
  • Approaches to marketing and self promotion
  • How to display work to its best advantage
  • What to take out, leave in and what to replace the things you’ve taken out with

The portfolio consultant offers frank, unbiased feedback, recommending practical ways to build on your strengths and existing body of work to make professional, effective presentations.