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Illustrator Beth Suzanna

Varoom 39

The Nostalgia issue – digital



**The digital pdf version of Varoom 39 is now available. The print version is sold out.**


Varoom 39 The Nostalgia Issue – Digital version

Varoom 39 ponders the impact of the past on illustration today. Is our love of nostalgia holding us back, or can we use it to innovate?

With a redesign by Fraser Muggeridge Studio and cover illustration in 4 colourways by Manshen Lo, Varoom 39 is an incisive look at what happens when the past meets the present.

‘An essential platform’It’s Nice That


Distant Memories Joey Yu reflects on the flow between reportage and memory with drawings made across the world.

Discovering Scarfolk Emily Jost talks to Richard Littler about his dystopian fictional town, perpetually stuck in the 1970s.

New Nostalgia Billie Muraben asks whether nostalgic illustration hurts or helps.

Finding the Middle Aisha Ayoade talks to Joy Miessi about preserving memory in mixed media for her most recent exhibition.

Tracing History Paul Gravett and Serena Katt discuss her graphic novel Sunday’s Child about her grandfather’s youth in Nazi education facilities.

Daydream Nation Zoë Taylor looks at Ignasi Monreal’s narrative-laced campaigns for Gucci and asks whether fashion illustration can break from its past.

A to Z Shane Walter talks to Sennep Games’ Matt Rice about the making of their crazy golf and pop culture fantasy world, Alphaputt.

Dirty Word Darryl Clifton critiques the use of digital textures in image-making.

Dark Tales Olivia Ahmad explores Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ unflinching retellings of Hansel & Gretel for print and the stage.

Illustration Manshen Lo. Design Aldo Caprini at Fraser Muggeridge Studio

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