Grandad Mandela – review

Illustrated by Sean Qualls in a mixture of painting, drawing and collage, the book reveals the highs and lows of Mandela’s life through a conversation between his daughter, Zindzi, and her questioning young grandchildren.

Nelson Mandela – review

Kadir Nelson brings us his personal take on the life of Nelson Mandela with his distictive paintings. A book designed to help young people appreciate the qualities of the African spirit and its origins.

Tony Ross: An Anty-War Story – interview

We talk to AOI Patron Tony Ross about his new anti-war book. Douglas just wants to fit in but in ant society you are what you are pre-destined to be, and the colony want him to be a soldier…

Illustrator of the Month: October

Bristol-based Member James Davies was the perfect candidate to fill the position of Illustrator of the Month in light of all the creative activity appearing in the West of England this October

AOI Leadership

The AOI is delighted to announce the appointment of three new Directors to its board; illustrator Montana Forbes, Publisher Deirdre McDermott and AOI CEO Ren Renwick. Chairman David Gilbert says..

You may be aware that there is no copyright in an idea, only in the form the idea takes. If you have a brilliant idea for an illustration and someone..

The Dam – review

The Dam interprets a father and daughter visit to the Kielder Valley before it was flooded in 1981 after the construction of a dam. Levi Pinfold’s illustrations are observed with precision, with the expansive use of skies looming high above the solid earth below.

Marketing Yourself with Bikini lists

Ross MacRae is the self named head Honcho at Bikini Lists. Based in Scotland Bikini Lists is the go to marketing service for creatives – including illustrators. GDPR approved, and..


Kick starting an awesome few days of illustration events in Dublin, is our all new business masterclass – essential for all image makers! An Evening Masterclass with the AOI –..

Escaping Wars and Waves – review

Talking to Syrian refugees across many countries, Kugler draws and describes the interviewees environments and gestures in absorbing detail, with elements effectively picked out in the illustrations to accentuate and highlight. It’s an important book.

Erik The Lone Wolf – review

This story is a coming of age drama. It explores the desire to push at the limits set by those in authority in order to find themselves a place in the world.

Varoom 38 – the Activism issue

Discover your inner Activist with the new Varoom! With an in-yer-face cover by BraulioAmado the Activism issue chucks a handful of protest bricks for your reading delight.

Mary and Frankenstein – Júlia Sardà interview + review

A combination of fantasy and remarkable real-life events, this book is an exciting and empowering true tale with the drama and tragedy of Gothic fiction. Illustrator Júlia Sarda discusses her inspiration and reseach for the book, and also her use of pattern and colour.

EU chance to make internet fair for all, says BCC

Today, MEPs have an historic opportunity to support copyright proposals in an EU Directive that would deliver a fair deal for European creators and assure the future of creativity in the digital age.

The Walkabout Orchestra – review

It is the reader’s task for this playful book to help Maestro travel the world and track down each member of the orchestra in time for the big concert.

Up The Mountain – Review

A beautifully sensitive story from Marianne Dubuc about Mrs Badger and her regular walks up the mountain. Joined by a new young friend, the story explores what will happen as Mrs Badger ages.

Edward Bawden at Dulwich

Bawden’s evocative images have shaped a visual identity for mid century Britain, but this exhibition shows a further side to his work.

Commissioning Illustration for Retail

Peter Cross, Customer Experience Director at John Lewis Partnership, commissioned Paul Thurlby’s World Illustration Award winning project National Treasures. Find out more about the commissioning process in this insightful interview.

The Empty Space – review

A meditation on loss and the space left behind when someone (in this case, the character’s cat) is no longer around, from Marianna Sztyma

Jacky Winter on Representation

In this industry insight we talked to Jeremy Wortsman of Jacky Winter about the Australian illustration scene, working globally, geographical trends and the secret to a long career, “Everyone needs to spin a lot of different plates to survive!”

Illustrator of the Month: August

From ‘Down Under’, AOI member Andrea Innocent lives and works as part of the Illustration scene in Melbourne. She describes her travelling years in Japan and how its historical art style influenced her own practice, plus the journey to finding satisfaction and grounding in teaching and leading workshops in Australia.