The AOI and Artificial Intelligence

February 2023 Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) text-to-image generating platforms are raising significant concerns for illustrators and the wider creative community. The platforms commercialising text-to-image generation emerged in 2022 and..

Drawing for Illustration – review

With an easy-to-read style, Martin Salisbury has created an attractive and useful book detailing that skill which most illustrators in the ‘About’ sections of their websites will say they have been into since they were small children: drawing.

Payback 2023 now open

DACS has launched its annual Payback scheme which pays artists, illustrators and photographers royalties when their works have been published in UK books, magazines or on TV.

What’s new for WIA2023?

As well as our new branding, we have made some updates to the World Illustration Awards, introducing some new categories, sponsors, prizes and an early bird offer on entry fees…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) AOI survey results

The results of the AOI survey gathering information on the impact the TDM exception will have on UK illustrators. This includes illustrators’ individual positions on aspects of the their artwork being used in AI training. 

WIA2022 catalogue available online

The World Illustration Awards catalogue features the complete shortlist of 200 projects, the artist contact details, highlighted Winner and Highly Commended projects, plus brief profiles of the judges who chose..