Raising a Forest – review

Thibaud Hérem discovers the amazing sense of achievement, continuity and hope that can come from growing things for yourself. The book is a great way for “tree beginners” of all ages to start to appreciate them more fully.

Cannonball Coralie and the Lion – review

Easton draws upon familiar motifs from the circus, the greasepaint, the animals and the roar of the crowd with bright, simple and subtle illustrations. But what’s going to happen to Coralie at the circus?

The 5 Misfits – review

The 5 Misfits all live together doing things their own way, but the the Perfect One arrives… Alemagna’s work impresses with its inventive and majestically realised environments.

AOI in Seoul

The AOI takes World Illustration Awards and Jack Sachs to Korea with vibrant programme of events.

Animation and VFX courses

David Mattock of Full Rotation design and animation studio presents his top UK courses for VFX and animation, and tells us about his background.

An ELCAF Report

Another year, another ELCAF. The East London Comics and Arts Festival opened its doors for a 3rd consecutive year and here we show you some highlights.

People of Peace – review

People of Peace celebrates the lives, acts and hopes of 40 of the world’s most important peace activists. Laid out in an Infographic style, the accessible layout and stylish simplicity makes the book a ‘Who’s Who’ of the human rights heroes.

Industry Insight: Chris Labrooy

Chris Labrooy has an enviable career with his work being seen across UK, Europe and the States in advertising, editorial and publishing. Take a minute to read this insight into his practice and his advice for other Illustrators!

Street Child Charity World Cup

Tim Vyner has created reportage images from the Street Child United World Cup “It’s been incredibly vibrant from start to finish and it’s been fantastic to see sport and art changing the lives of so many people.”

My Worst Book Ever – review

This book is the result of two craftsmen at work – a rollercoaster ride of events describing one misfortune after another as Bruce and Allan attempt to write, illustrate then publish a book about a crocodile.

The challenges of illustration-led animation

The AOI are aware of the challenges of licensing illustration-led animation images for additional uses. Chris Page of Jelly London lays down some important pointers on this practice.

My Dad Is My Uncle’s Brother – Review

For a young child, understanding all the little nuances and quirks of human social behaviour must be bewildering. But this book will gently embed into their minds all the names we learn to give our relatives; auntie, nephew, cousin, step-dad etc.

Are You Sitting Comfortably? – review

As well as being great illustrations to view, these varied book illustrations by Edward Bawden are an inspiration in their strength of composition and sparing use of colour.

Illustrator of the Month

Illustrator and Animator Rune Fisker is a Coperhagen-based and Danish born designer, who’s dynamic compositions and vivid colours caught the eye of the AOI team and led to animated dialog for June’s Member of the Month.

Looking After William – review + interview

Light, bright and happy, this is a charming story.”I was imagining a book where the words were opposite to the pictorial narrative, so that children could get a feeling of knowing something that their parent didn’t,” says Eve Coy.

The Australian government is intending to revise their copyright laws and have issued a consultation paper on copyright modernisation, which AOI has responded to.

That Fruit Is Mine! – review

What’s the best way to operate in the world – all by yourself or with a team of supportive pals? It’s elephants versus mice in this fun, charming story.