As the UK parliament prepares for the “meaningful vote” on the Government’s Brexit deal, the British Copyright Council looks at what the potential outcomes might mean for the creative sector.

Observe, Collect, Draw! – review

Observe Collect Draw! is a visual journal getting to the core of self-examination. It seeks to inspire the reader into using one’s personal data in order to develop creativity and to better connect with oneself.

Drawing Words: Exhibition highlights

The exhibition is curated by Lauren Child and commissioned by the British Council, and celebrates ten of the most inspiring contemporary British Children’s Book illustrators, including AOI member, Jill Calder.

Varoom 38: Book Building

Tara Books’ children’s titles, published in India, are progressive, political – and beautiful. Varoom talks to one of the founders, Gita Wolf, and artist Bhajju Shyam.

Sounds of Nature: World of Birds – review

Robert Hunter’s clean lines ensure that each bird’s attributes are clear to see in the illustrations, while bringing a pleasing sense of movement within his compositions. And the bird ‘sounds’ are great!

The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle – review

Hector, a man of advancing years who has played his fiddle on the streets for a long time, finds his popularity as a performer has waned. And when his companion, Hugo the dog, takes it up (brilliantly) and is whisked away by Bear to tour, how will Hector deal with the loss of their friendship?

Illustrator of the Month: December

London based Member Steve Scott is the go-to guy for light-hearted, playful and intricate Illustration. As the final member feature for this year we eagerly chatted with Steve and Agent..

Becoming a Successful Illustrator – review

Providing guidance and advice on a wide range of topics, this is one of those books that is great to have ready on your shelf, to return to time and again when you need a bit of clarity or inspiration.

Waves: A New Exhibition Opportunity

Are you based in or around Bristol? We got a new exhibition opportunity in partnership with PIP and Cass Art, and we want you to become a part of it!

Little Wise Wolf – review

Little Wise Wolf learns much on his journey, and Siemensma’s paintings contain wonderful details. Wisdom does indeed come from book learning, but it also requires the scholar to step outside the door and be prepared for an adventure.

Varoom Activism: Manifesto for Illustrators

Paul Bowman’s ‘Educate Agitate Abdicate’ manifesto is a call to arms for illustrators. ‘Commercial work can exist beside work that exposes injustice, questions our lives, and helps understanding.’

An Illustrated History Of Filmmaking – review

Written and illustrated by Adam Allsuch Boardman Published by Nobrow ISBN 978-1-910620-56-4 Reviewed by Karl Andy Foster If you want to know how film came into being and the medium’s..

Varoom 38: It’s Got To Be Real

Stuart Lang weighs up the potential for success and failure when brands support social movements – an excert from Varoom 38 – Activism

Night Windows – review

Venema’s illustrations are engaging and enjoyable in this story starting with a young boy feeling overwhelmed and alienated by life in a strange new city. But after observing his neighbours things change.

Maps of the United Kingdom – review

A comprehensive overview of the people, events and idiosyncrasies that give this land its identity. Illustrator Livi Gosling tells us about the project (and her favourite county).

O is for old school – review

A life without books is Wack! An A-Z book that is playful and inter-generational in its outlook, with great images and a lexicon derived from one of the world’s most vibrant popular cultures.

Varoom 38: Joseph Kai comic artist

Comic maker Joseph Kai is part of the Varoom 38 (Activism) feature on the new wave of Arab Comics, and here he talks to Paul Gravett about the group, the role of comics in Lebanese culture and issues for freelance artists in the country

Born Bad – review

“Wolf wasn’t happy being Wolf,” so what happens when he tries to change? This is Stephen Smith’s first picture book, utilising his bold cut-up style, and we learn about his process for creating the images.