Beth Walrond

We catch up with previous AOI Publications Intern and recent Falmouth Illustration graduate Beth Walrond, now successfully working for editorial giants such as The New York Times and The Guardian…

Michael Driver

Having just graduated six months ago, Michael Driver is rapidly establishing himself as an award winning Freelance Illustrator with an impressive list of high profile clients already under his belt…

Owen Davey

Owen Davey’s stunning picture book ‘Bird Search’ has been shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2015. We thought this was the fittest opportunity to ask Owen what makes him tick!..

Karrie Fransman

Who and what keep you inspired? Stumbling across storytellers or artists who can see this grey, sad world and through their own magical lenses. They give a sense of awe..

Peter Allen

Summer – home page Splash for Travel PR website What was your key motivation in becoming an illustrator? I didn’t know what an illustrator was as a kid. I used..

Simone Lia

Good Fruit, Bad Fruit. Limited edition screen print for Jealous Gallery 2014 How do you keep inspired? This is an odd answer but recently I re-vamped my studio. I had..

David Lemm

Shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2015  SPUTNIK, still from an animation created for Leonidas and Hobbes. Watch here. What and who inspires you? Currently I’m really interested in exploring..

Ed Cheverton

New Friends What three words would you use to describe your work? Joyful, Escapist, Fantastic. Collage composition What are the three obstacles that you find throughout your freelance working day..

Joe Waldron

Shortlisted for the Prize for Illustration 2015 – London Places and Spaces. Beer advocate, shortlisted entry for LTM Prize.  In three words how would you describe your work? I think..

Martina Paukova

Modus Magazine, April 2015 You initially completed a degree in politics before moving to London. What was your key motivation in becoming an illustrator? Ha, I actually keep forgetting that..

Rose Blake

Do you prefer to work quickly to create an image or take your time or a little of both?  I like both really. I really like working on long personal..

Eleanor Taylor

Illustration – Front cover Of The Guardian Review ‘The Future Of Fairytales’ Tell us a little a bit about the process you take to create an illustration? Ideas take up..

Miranda Sofroniou

Illustration – ‘Coral Cities’ How did you first discover illustration? I first discovered illustration through picture books, which I absolutely adore. I love how imaginative they are; anything can happen in..

Veronique Joffre

Illustration – People and Plants  How did you first discover illustration? Like everybody I guess, when I was kid, in my children’s books. I was fascinated by the power of..

The Suffolk Punch Press – Adam Avery

Wired Germany – ‘How Many Ipads Make A Human’ What are the first three things steps you take when a commissioner approaches you for a project? I usually make a..

Matt Murphy

Illustration’s – Commissioned For Savoy’s 150 Aniversary Cocktail Bar Menu How long have you been with Handsome Frank? How did your relationship with them begin? I have been with Handsome Frank..


Illustration Personal Project – ‘Whatever’ As a collective, how do you balance the work you both do? We are two friends that works in the name of one so we..

Marion Deuchars

Series of ‘Let’s Make Art’ books for children published by Laurence King Publishing What first led you to becoming an illustrator? Reading comics, going to comic conventions as a kid..

James Oses

Illustration for Borough Market – 1000 Years In Southwark Your blog contains images of you on location, what difference does being on location make to the outcome of your illustrations?..

Faye Moorhouse

A spread for the zine: ‘Bearghost’ Who and what keeps you inspired? I love hearing strange stories, and I tend to watch a lot of weird films and documentaries. These..

Adam Gale

The Guardian Review: ’10 ‘grammar rules’ it’s OK to break (sometimes)’ What was your key motivation in becoming an Illustrator? It’s probably more to do with personality, following what I..

Chris Haughton

  Illustration – Abit Lost Your books ‘Oh No George’, ‘A Bit Lost’ and ‘Shh We Have A Plan’, have all become successes. What do you think the key elements..

Lizzy Stewart

Illustration – ‘September Swimming Pool’ You Studied an MA in Communication Design at Central St Martins why did you choose to explore education further, and how has it helped your practice as..

Belle Mellor

  Voter Apathy- Editorial illustration for the Guardian     As well as creating narrative within your illustration, you animate your images, such as you animation Sleep With The Fishes, what..

Rachel Lillie

Illustration – Like a specter in the night Who and what keeps you inspired? I always feel inspired when I visit a place for the first time. I love the..

William Grill

Shackleton’s Journey – Stuck In Ice! What’s you favourite project you have worked on so far? It would probably be Shackleton’s Journey as it tied together quite a few interests..

Hannah Rollings

Identifying and Narrating the Woodland Steward. Excerpt taken from the self published book ‘ Diary of a Redundant Cow Shed’. Who and what keeps you inspired? I try and keep..

Graham Rawle

  The Card – paperback cover When did you realise you wanted to make creativity part of your career? As a kid I was always writing stories, making scrapbooks and magazines,..

Lorna Scobie

  Personal Work – Cat And Dog Prints When did you realise you wanted to make drawing your career? I’ve always enjoyed drawing pictures more than anything else, I remember..

Vanessa Dell

A Young Prince Charles – Annabelle Magazine  Who and what keeps you inspired? Definitely people, especially their faces, I love the visual differences between us and the individual ways we..