Identity as a brand in Illustration

September 30 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The AOI are happy to announce the 3rd set of Roundtable Talks for 2021, focussing on Diversity and Equality in Illustration. Book below or via our Eventbrite.

This 3rd session will be themed ‘Identity as a Brand in Illustration’. Chaired by AOI Board member and Illustrator Montana Forbes, we will look at the implications of identifying as a diverse illustrator and owning your identity as a brand. We will discuss the pros and cons and developments within the industry from the illustrators, agents and commissioners perspectives. We intend for this exchange to provide a better awareness and understanding of the roles we all hold. This might be on a practical, or more conceptual basis.

The aim of these roundtable talks is to provide practical support and to produce tangible outcomes which effect meaningful change. The AOI will take away relevant actions to inform and realise its Diversity Action Plan.

The sessions are also intended to be enjoyable, uplifting moments we can share and connect with each other! Each session will be held online, in an inclusive and safe space where illustrators and industry figures can come together to openly discuss issues surrounding diversity and equality in an informal manner.

The agendas for the talks are informed by ongoing discussions among the AOI and its members and, particularly, by the AOI’s commitment to improve diversity and equality in all areas of the Illustration industry. We are encouraged by your continued support and participation.

Sessions will be limited to a small group to allow discussion. Please RSVP.

If you have any access requirements, please email [email protected]

Image: Jeez Vanilla



September 30
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm