Helen Oxenbury: A Life in Illustration

Helen’s life and career are effectively covered, and it’s a delight to be reminded of the work created over such an impressive career by one of the UK’s foremost children’s book creators.

Tossary of Terms – review

Tossary of Terms is a series of words or terms which describe the modern condition with an accompanying illustration. For example, ‘data barnacle’ is defined as a ‘Café customer who leeches four hours’ worth of free WIFI in exchange for shelling out two quid on a cup of fruit tea’.

AOI signatory to DACS trade agreement letter to PM

DACS has written to the Prime Minister on the negative impact of signing the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) on the UK’s creative economy. AOI along with Association of Photographers and the Society of Authors are signatories.

Inktober 2018 – A Round Up

October is nearly coming to an end, and with it Inktober 2018. Today, on Halloween, we bid farewell to the challenge and gather 10 Illustrators whose creations have captivated us throughout the whole month. Check them out!

Campaigning – CPTPP trade agreement would impact creators

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, one of our major trading partners, Government is considering signing up to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). We have significant concerns over the CPTPP, especially where it relates to copyright.

AOI X Cachetejack

We’ve tasked the dynamic Cachetejack duo to bring a kick of colour to our new AOI leaflets. Have a glimpse at their excellent illustrations inside.

Barbosa – review

From the 1920’s until his eighties, Barbosa created a wealth of illustrations. Many are collected here in an intriguing biography of an illustrator who came to epitomise Regency elegance.

Interactive RAF graphic novel from Middlesex University

Chocks away!  Middlesex University students have collaborated with the Royal Airforce museum at Hendon airfield to produce an online interactive graphic novel relating the history of the airfield from the early 1900’s to the present day.

AOI Client Directories for 2018

Now updated for 2018, the three AOI Directories are available from the AOI Shop. Each directory contains contact details of clients who commission illustration in three areas: Advertising, Editorial and Publishing.


This exhibition features a selection from the 2018 shortlist of 200 works, plus spotlights on the 16 category and overall winners.

At once global and personal, visitors can expect to be inspired by this diverse, engaging exhibition of the best illustration made this year from across the world.

Grandad Mandela – review

Illustrated by Sean Qualls in a mixture of painting, drawing and collage, the book reveals the highs and lows of Mandela’s life through a conversation between his daughter, Zindzi, and her questioning young grandchildren.

Nelson Mandela – review

Kadir Nelson brings us his personal take on the life of Nelson Mandela with his distictive paintings. A book designed to help young people appreciate the qualities of the African spirit and its origins.

Tony Ross: An Anty-War Story – interview

We talk to AOI Patron Tony Ross about his new anti-war book. Douglas just wants to fit in but in ant society you are what you are pre-destined to be, and the colony want him to be a soldier…

Illustrator of the Month

Bristol-based Member James Davies was the perfect candidate to fill the position of Illustrator of the Month in light of all the creative activity appearing in the West of England this October

AOI Leadership

The AOI is delighted to announce the appointment of three new Directors to its board; illustrator Montana Forbes, Publisher Deirdre McDermott and AOI CEO Ren Renwick. Chairman David Gilbert says..

You may be aware that there is no copyright in an idea, only in the form the idea takes. If you have a brilliant idea for an illustration and someone..

The Dam – review

The Dam interprets a father and daughter visit to the Kielder Valley before it was flooded in 1981 after the construction of a dam. Levi Pinfold’s illustrations are observed with precision, with the expansive use of skies looming high above the solid earth below.

Marketing Yourself with Bikini lists

Ross MacRae is the self named head Honcho at Bikini Lists. Based in Scotland Bikini Lists is the go to marketing service for creatives – including illustrators. GDPR approved, and..


Kick starting an awesome few days of illustration events in Dublin, is our all new business masterclass – essential for all image makers! An Evening Masterclass with the AOI –..

Illustrator of the Month

As we officially enter the Autumn period, we present to you our Illustrator of the Month: Paola Saliby discussing her personal development as an Illustrator and the creative scene in Brazil.

Escaping Wars and Waves – review

Talking to Syrian refugees across many countries, Kugler draws and describes the interviewees environments and gestures in absorbing detail, with elements effectively picked out in the illustrations to accentuate and highlight. It’s an important book.

Erik The Lone Wolf – review

This story is a coming of age drama. It explores the desire to push at the limits set by those in authority in order to find themselves a place in the world.