AOI 50th Anniversary – Awards and Events

In this piece we’re celebrating the AOI’s 50th Anniversary, and the awards, from the first competition in 1976 to the current global success of World Illustration Awards, they have been a substantial part of the AOI’s activities.
AOI also focused on events tailored to illustrators to help run their businesses and see more of the amazing work created by their peers.

AOI 50th Anniversary – I was there!

The AOI’s history is a long and rich one, with countless volunteers supporting what was initially very limited staff numbers. We asked a few of those who really helped the AOI along the way for their thoughts on the organisation and their input.

AOI 50th Anniversary – Here for the members!

Membership services have long been at the core of the AOI’s structure (we’re here to help illustrators!), and over time the services have evolved to assist members in all their business dealings.

In this piece we’re celebrating the AOI’s 50th Anniversary, and what the organisation has done for members from our beginnings in 1973.

PRESS+PLAY Tabletop Print Fair: Take Part

Calling all printmakers! Take part in Tabletop Print Fair this December. PRESS+PLAY Festival of Print takes place over one weekend from Saturday 9 – Sunday 10 December, and will include..

Jon Klassen and The Skull

In August, writer and illustrator Jon Klassen was interviewed by AOI on publication of his new book, and Derek Brazell reviews The Skull