This book could be a key resource for you if you’re a lover of the outdoors and have thought about brushing up on your practical skills for when we’re able to once again freely roam the world. Click to read the full review!

Should Illustrators work for free?

We all know we are in extraordinary times. But there are some things that don’t change. We need to look after ourselves. We need to work. We need to be paid.


This year saw a record number of entries from across the UK and a very strong field and, after much deliberation, the judges have decided that two winners will share the prize – Jo Surman for Snow, the book she has written and illustrated, and Kael Tudor for the story he has written:One Goose, Two Moose.

Cancellation/Kill Fees and Coronavirus

We are aware that there may be an increase in the number of jobs that are cancelled due to the  unprecedented challenges businesses are facing at present. It is always..


    Here at the AOI we are always interested in how creatives grow their businesses and expand their practice into new and exciting areas. We were thrilled to catch..

Joseph Binder Award 2020 – Apply now!

This is the fifteenth time that designaustria organises the Joseph Binder Award, an international competition with a focus on graphic design & illustration. Designers, illustrators, agencies and students from all over..

Everybody Counts – review

This book from Norwegian illustrator and author Roskifte is built around contemplation, the times where we take a step back from the world and become a spectator, observing the appearance and actions of others and use this to build a mental narrative of that person’s life.

Working Spaces: Catarina Glam

Catarina Glam is a Portuguese street artist and sculptor who assembles geometric characters, in ways that make them stand out and be enjoyed by local communities on the public realm. Learn about her unique working process!

Illustrator of the Month: March

If you’re looking for imaginative, funny, colour packed, characterful illustrations (with a few cats too), look no further! Aurora Cacciapuoti does this and much more, and we’re very proud to be showcasing her as our Illustrator of the Month for March.

Membership Fees

AOI Membership fees, and consultation fees will increase from 1 May 2020. This will not affect current membership, but will mean that if members purchase from 1 May onwards, they will pay the new fee.

Greta and the Giants – review

Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old, Swedish school child who has become famous through her stand to save the world, has been cast in a fictional tale to help children grasp the concept of activism.

John Piper’s Brighton Aquatints – review

You wouldn’t have to be a resident of this most well-know of British seaside towns to feel attached to this elegant resurrection of John Piper’s pre-war aquatint artworks of Brighton.

Varoom 41 – No Narrative is published

Varoom 41 – the No Narrative issue The practice of storytelling dominates our understanding of illustration, and for good reason – illustrators are brilliant at it. In the No Narrative..

Varoom 40: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture game

In this extract from Varoom Fantasy issue, Creative Director Dan Pinchbeck of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the BAFTA Award-winning non-linear game created by Brighton-based studio The Chinese Room tells us how the team created their ‘artful, painterly and almost seductive’, yet eerily real dystopian fantasy.

Varoom 40: Ram Han – Digital Romance

In this excerpt from Varoom 40 Alix-Rose Cowie talks to Ram Han about her artwork, and what it means to her: “From time to time, I’m obsessed with the urge to observe myself from a distance,” Han says. She broaches adult themes; romance, sexuality and voyeurism. Her work seems at the intersection of innocence lost and complexity gained.

Earth Shattering Events! – review

Earth Shattering Events! is fun, educational and equally entertaining to people big and small. As our world changes around us, understanding the events out of our control happening around us is increasingly important, and yet still overlooked.


Exciting opportunity to share studio with editors, animators, designers and more creatives in Leith!

Slanted 34 Europe – review

Slanted #34 stands then as a plea for a multi-faceted and vibrant Europe, with an impressively broad assembly of texts, photography, illustration, graphic design expressed through the full range of graphic mediums.

2020 Klaus Flugge Prize Longlist announced

The longlist for the 2020 Klaus Flugge Prize has been announced this week. Now in its fifth year, the Klaus Flugge Prize is awarded to the most promising and exciting newcomer to children’s picture book illustration

Varoom 40: Hail Herman Inclusus

‘No Lifestyle. No Pose. No Galleries. No Collaboration. No Commissions. No Art Direction. No Illustration. No Creative. No Social Network. No Fashion.’ It would hard to imagine more restrictive prohibitions on an illustrator than these Ten Commandments. Yet they are the credo strictly observed by Herman Inclusus, the anachronistic pseudonym of the Staffordshire-based artist formerly known as Stuart Kolakovic, interviewed in this extract from Varoom 40 by Paul Gravett.

Illustrator of the Month – February

Master of chill, Illustrator and Animator Joe Prytherch (aka Mason London) has built an impressive portfolio of seamless animated loops complimenting your favourite chill out tracks. Creating animations that work alongside contemporary jazz, and arcade game music – we’re excited to present as February’s Illustrator of the Month!