Out, Out, Away From Here – review

A simple but effective tale illustrated using attractive shapes and symbolism to capture that which adults mostly forget. Sang Miao’s illustrations set the mood perfectly as the young protagonist navigates her world.

Young, Gifted and Black – review

This book provides ample evidence that black people are not a homogenized group, but rather individuals who have all had to overcome varying degrees of negativity to reach for success and to stay the course. It should be required reading for every young child.

Picturecamp 2018

A 4-day intensive masterclass in rural Spain covering the fundamentals of picture book making with award winning author/illustrators Benji Davies, Alexis Deacon, Tor Freeman, Jorge Martin, Yara Kono and Ana Pez.

The Pirates of Scurvy Sands – review

Where did Mad Jack McMuddle bury his treasure chests? The clues are all there if you take your time and have a compass at the ready. Jonny Duddle’s illustrations are detailed with strong character development that is matched by a credible Pirate family.

The Fox on the Swing – review

Quirky and fun, the story of Paul and his friendship with Fox delves into melancholy and the acceptance of change, also tackling thoughts about self, all illustrated in a charming and fantastical set of images.

Price It Right campaign

Price It Right is a campaign for the whole industry which the AOI launched in partnership with the European Illustrators Forum in March 2018.

Look for Ladybird in Plant City – Review

Manolessou has a gift for creating a composition which fills a page, yet leaves room for the image to breathe. Swarming with creatures and scenes, this book is a delight.

Rufus – review

What is it that every Monster wants? Answer: to scare a Peopley Person! Simon Bertram’s story captures the true value of companionship with subtle, precise and perfectly realised illustrations

WIA2017 tour opens at Roe Valley

10 March – 7 April
Admission Free

Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre

We are delighted for the World Illustration Awards to once again be hosted in Northern Ireland.

Martha & Me – review & interview

‘All our projects are planted in the same garden and we both take care of it’ – It’s Raining Elephants talk about how they work as a duo and their new picture book to Peter Allen. ‘There are so many things to discover.’

What’s the ‘Made In North Korea’ exhibition about?

As the Made In North Korea exhibition opens at House of Illustration we ask curator Olivia Ahmad about the contents of the show, and how it came about. From hand painted posters and comics via packaging and postards, it reveals work you’ll never have seen!

Urban Jungle – book review

Urban Jungle features 38 illustrated maps of different cities from across six continents. Each map shows a range of wildlife that have adapted to make their home in the city – great for anyone with an interest in mapping, geography or animals.

The Lauren Child Poetry Illustration Prize

In partnership with the House of Illustration and the Betjeman Poetry Prize, Lauren Child, Waterstones Children’s Laureate 2017-2019, announces an international illustration competition for illustrators aged 18 – 25.

Arrest All Mimics Interviews Gail Armstrong

AOI Member Gail Armstrong‘s intricate and stunning paper sculptures have formed the basis of many iconic campaigns, editorial features and intriguing artworks. Ben Tallon visits Gail’s studios to see the..

Hungry Hansel and Gluttonous Gretel – book review

I have two words for this book – absolute bonkers! The imagery is disturbing, creepy and displays an obsession with bodily fluids and all things stomach churning. Acid colours and discordant hues leave you in no doubt that you are observing the world of the weird.

Arrest All Mimics interviews Sharm Murugiah

London based illustrator (and member!) Sharm Murugiah‘s journey is an intriguing one. Ben Tallon and him discuss resistance to pursuing an art or design career path from parents and peers, comic..

Meet the Illustrators speaking in Offset this year

In less than a month’s time we’ll be heading to Dublin for another inspiring year of Offset, one of the most regarded design conferences in Europe, and certainly one of our favourites. In this article we’ll feature the amazing Illustrators who will grace the Irish stage with their fantastic work.

The Bookseller announces Illustrator Showcase for Bologna

The Illustrator Showcase will feature in the magazine’s Bologna Book Fair Daily, with 7,000 editions distributed daily at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Get seen by Art Directors from all over the world and submit your work now!

The Weaver – book review

Stanley is the kind of spider you can really get behind. No catching little winged creatures in his web for him, oh no. We review her new book and talk to Qian Shi about the book and her animation background.

AOI in Partnership with Seoul Illustration Fair 2018

We are super excited to continue our partnership with the Seoul Illustration Fair for 2018! Taking place 26-29th of July at the COEX centre Seoul, THESIF is one of the world’s largest illustration fairs with over 800 stalls and 64000 visitors.