AOI Pricing Advice Policy

AOI Pricing Advice Policy

April 2020

The AOI understands that members will work in competition with each other directly or indirectly. Our role is to support and empower.  The AOI’s capacity to do this is unparalleled.

This policy lays out the guiding principles of the AOI’s pricing support.

  1. The AOI aims to ensure all members understand the industry standard model of pricing their work. This is based on licensing model, considering factors such as territory, usage and duration.
  2. There are no rules to stop members from taking independent commercial decisions.
  3. The AOI does not issue formal or informal pricing or output recommendations. The Pricing Calculator exists to support members in determining their own prices and is not a price recommendation.
  4. The AOI will reference industry standard royalties percentages.
  5. The AOI will uphold the best practise approach of fairly remunerating copyright assignments, and strongly advising against waiving moral rights.
  6. The AOI shall uphold the importance of fair pay to illustrators, who are skilled professionals. It shall not suggest that lower prices mean lower quality.
  7. No events or forums will be established, or condoned by the AOI where there is the sharing of competitively sensitive information. In the event that an illustrator finds themselves in a situation that sensitive information is discussed, they should leave the meeting and report it to the relevant authority.
  8. The AOI will advise on contracts as a whole and clause by clause. Any contractual advice shall be fair and clear. The illustrator is not required to take any recommendations forward.
  9. The AOI may collate figures relating to annual earnings by illustrators for research and data analysis.
  10. No member is required to share confidential or commercially sensitive information.
  11. The AOI will seek to communicate in plain English at all times. For example, any specimen contracts will be as easy to understand as possible with explanatory notes where needed.
  12. The AOI shall capture information inputted to the Pricing Calculator. This shall be anonymised and used solely for the purpose of checking the calculator works effectively.

(Further reference can be found here)


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