WIA2021: Professional Science & Technology Category Longlist Highlights

From campaigning to advocacy, to awareness raising, illustration in the Science & Technology Category performs many functions. Beautiful imagery combines with vital information and ideas to create meaningful and informative work that offers new ways of seeing the world.

The World Illustration Awards 2021 Longlist features 500 projects by New Talent and Professional illustrators from all over the world across ten categories. This year, the awards celebrate great illustration! Read on to see our Professional Science & Technology Category Highlights – and if you’d like to learn more, click through to see the full project and contact information!

It illustrates a text about self-help gynecology. As the text mentions feminism from the 70s I showed an older woman.

Marian Dubois’ illustrations for a local Planned Parenthood sex-positive, inclusive, and feminist social media campaign are visually impactful, while contributing to a better popular education on bodies and sexualities.

Marion is an illustrator from Strasbourg, France. Her projects include campaigns for gender equality and sexual health awareness, children magazines, and anatomical illustration.

Raxenne Maniquiz’ self-initiated series of illustrations show the endemic flora of the Philippines, cataloguing each species with descriptions and locations. The flowers are all shown face-on, to highlight their variations.

Raxenne is a designer and illustrator from the Philippines. She has worked on projects for Cole Haan, Dr.Martens, Jordan, Tatler, Toblerone and Uniqlo.


This infographic by Jennifer Fairman is designed to teach the viewer about the virus’ structure, lifecycle and current strategic therapies for COVID-19. This illustration was created using x-ray crystallography protein data and molecular visualization software to construct a model of the structural make-up of the virus. The final infographic was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Jennifer Fairman is an Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University and Founder and Principal of Fairman Studios. She specialises in medical and scientific illustration for publication, patient and public health education, animation & interactive design.

Charlie was commissioned by Molecular Metabolism to create a cover image for a paper about how the liver communicates with the rest of the body. The work was created by combining scanned-in drawings and graphite textures, painted in Photoshop.

Charlie graduated from Cincinnati Academy of Design. He now lives in France with his wife and daughter.

Kit Lam’s series of five illustrations were commissioned by Asian Scientist Magazine for its white paper: “Five Years Of The Asian Scientist 100”. The commemorative report marks the fifth anniversary of the Asian Scientist 100, an annual list spotlighting Asia’s top scientific talent. The goal was to create compelling visuals that could encapsulate the remarkable stories of discovery and innovation.

Kit is the lead designer for Wildtype Media Group’s flagship title, Asian Scientist Magazine, and Supercomputing Asia. She leads design projects for the company’s custom publishing unit. She is based in Singapore.

Lisa was commissioned to illustrate a feature article on how some 20th century paintings have started to liquify after completion. Although Lisa normally works digitally, this piece was painted on cotton canvas with a mixture of acrylic colours and mediums to create drips and textures that echoed the paintings in the article.

Lisa Sheehan is a UK based 2D/3D ‘image maker’ creating CGI illustrations that are often typographical with a pop of colour. Clients include The New York Times, Women’s Health, Which?, Cosmopolitan, EMI records, The Financial Times & Observer.

Fabio’s illustration commissioned by Nature Magazine visualises the value of gut bacteria and how it helps brain function.

Fabio Buonocore is a Milan-based illustrator. His work explores themes of humanism, identity, love, and genetic transformations.

Fatinha was commissioned to create this illustration for the magazine Scientific American, about all the benefits of Yoga, mainly to the brain. It was created using acrylic paint and then scanned, repainted, and sandpapered to create texture.

Fatinha Ramos is an Antwerp-based illustrator and visual artist originally from Portugal. Her clients include: MoMA; The New York Times; Time Magazine; The Washington Post; Scientific American; The Boston Globe; Amnesty International and the Flemish Government.

Daniel was commissioned by WeTransfer to make a series of illustrations for their roadmap to sustainability as the company is gearing towards getting more green. The illustrations they were looking for had to be informative, feel hopeful and include elements of nature and our planet.

Daniel Liévano is an award-winning editorial illustrator and author based in Bogotá, Colombia. As an illustrator, his work mainly focuses in conceptual images for book covers, and top selling newspapers and magazines.

Xavier’s series of experimental illustrations were inspired by the language around COVID-19. To make this work, Xavier photographed the petri dishes to have the setting for the illustration. He used yellow rubber kitchen gloves (that I turned blue) instead of medical gloves, because of the PPE shortage at the time. The letters are added in photoshop to imagine what the virus itself might have to say.

Xavier Segers is a Belgian graphic designer and illustrator. He’s also known as the The Last Dodo and is based in London. He’s heavily inspired by the natural world and his mixed Korean heritage.

If you enjoyed reading this curated list, why not explore the full WIA2021 Longlist for more inspiration!

18th June 2021

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